Month: October 2018

Dharma Does Not Dread Reformation, Belief Systems Do!

Making Rounds in Various Hindu Groups, the message under the above picture is very clear: Stop slaughtering animals. Dharma does not depend upon such bloody rituals. The Sacred Fire of Yajna – prescribed by the Dharma texts -is to burn away our negative traits and tendencies.

Dharma is Nobody’s Monopoly!

Since Dharma is NOT a Belief System that requires unquestioning blind faith, it cannot depend upon an individual or an institution for its survival. It is nobody’s monopoly. In our ignorant zeal, however, we often fall into the trap of believing so.

Fanaticism: The Number 1 Hindu Killer

Fanaticism in Any Form is Against the Hindu Spirit. We may justify our fanaticism in the name of Dharma, to save Dharma, to stop the Hindus being converted to, what we normally refer to as “other faiths” and embracing “other belief systems”.
The question is: How do we save Dharma,

Hindu Dharma: Beyond All “Ism”s

So, It is NOT Hindu-“ism” but Hindu Dharma and Dharma refers to a set of Natural Laws, which have been there since time immemorial. And, if time is limitless, without beginning and without ending, then Dharma would be the same, with no beginning and no ending too.

Hinduism – a Misnomer

Hindu is NOT Just Another “Ism”. So, first and foremost, this has to be fixed. “Ism”s are based upon dogmas and doctrines. They must have “a” book, a prophet, a savior, a messenger – and if there are more than one prophet, one savior or one messenger, than one of them must top the list. Similarly, if there are …

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