Month: February 2019

The Hindu Mind

The Hindu Mind is, perhaps, the only mind that does not put itself on the highmost pedestal and claims to be the highest. It is willing to accept the possibility of higher minds, indeed, a myriad of higher minds. Thus, a Hindu accepts the possibility of not just one God, but a myriad of Gods …

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Dharma Bhakta versus Hero Bhakta

In a Recent Interview, Dr. Subramanian Swamy, a senior Indian politician, stated that he was not a Rama Bhakta, a devotee of Lord Rama, the Hero of the epic Ramayana – but, a Hindu Bhakta. And, that his fascination with Rama was because of the ideals he stood for, which were the Hindu Ideals.

Arjuna: Yesterday and Today

Arjuna of Yesteryears was Confused, but humble. He was willing to lower his head before his mentor, who was also his cousin and charioteer, and beseeched him: “I am confused, I know not which way to go, please guide me, please show me the way.”