Arjuna: Yesterday and Today

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Arjuna of yesteryears was confused, but humble. He was willing to lower his head before his mentor, who was also his cousin and charioteer, and beseeched him: “I am confused, I know not which way to go, please guide me, please show me the way.”

And, the mentor, Krishna, guided him to victory. He guided Arjuna to victory for the sake of Dharma, Righteousness. And, the mentor made his position very clear, “I am not here, on this battlefield, for your sake. As a warrior, it is your privilege to fight for the cause of Dharma.

“But, don’t you ever entertain such delusion that Dharma depends upon you. If you do not play your role, there shall be another player.”

Arjuna understood it, he understood his role, he understood what the mentor was trying to say. And, he rose out of his despondency, “All my doubts are cleared now, I am ready for my role. I shall do what you say.”

That was the Arjuna of yesteryears…. Not so with our Present Arjunas. Yes, Arjunas, but alas, none comes close to the Arjuna of yesteryears. The ArjunaNow are reluctant to lower their heads. They take pride in introducing themselves as autodidact. They have no respect for their mentors.

They are not even grateful toward those who helped them rise to power. They are not willing to listen to someone’s advice. They feel they know all. Thus, they stand alone, with no team standing by and with them.

They delight of being extraordinary and popular. They rejoice in the bootlickers surrounding them. They are taken away by the words of praise by those who are actually exploiting them.

Thus, the Arjunas Today cannot represent Dharma. They are not Dharma Warriors. Their victories are no different than the temporary victories gained by their opponents. Indeed, their opponents and they both are on the side of adharma, unrighteousness.

The Battle Today is not a War for Dharma. It is a battle among the forces of adharma. Whoever wins, adharma wins. For a short time, though. Five, ten, twenty, or even fifty years of gain is but a temporary gain in the long history of mankind that bears witness to the Rise of Dharma from time to time, in spite of and against all odds.

Look around! Look at them… Look at him, look at her, who is given the role of Arjuna, who should be fighting under the direction of Krishna. Look, under whose direction is he or she fighting! He is directed by his disturbed mind. His narcissistic nature deludes him into believing that he is both Arjuna and Krishna in one.

Their disturbed minds attract equally disturbed minds. Their narcissistic nature attracts equally narcissistic people. And, the result is total chaos. Hate waves everywhere. Name calling becomes the dharma of the day. The demons are let loose, and they are dancing merrily, enjoying the show.

Following the leaders who have forgotten their Dharma, people of integrity are losing their integrity. They engage in the similar hate speech, name calling, and etcetera. Manners are forgotten, etiquette is lost, values are forsaken. More than 5,000 years ago, Bhagavad Gita has already warned us: “Laymen and women follow what the leaders do. If the leaders are on the path of adharma, they take to the same path. The leaders, therefore, must set a good example.”

A corrupt leader – and, mind you, corruption is not about money alone, here we are talking about corruption of manners, of values – sets an example for corruption to thrive.

A Krishna is needed, but, where is the Arjuna?

2 thoughts on “Arjuna: Yesterday and Today”

  1. Excellent comments about today’s Arjuna
    As Hindus we need to rise again as Dharmic society and collectively fight against Adharma in the world

  2. try in another angle then,
    it is possible, the one “that consider himself as krishna role” wrong to choise their arjuna????. In the story of Mahabarat, that Krishna, the story told, in His first sight already recognize “his” arjuna…. choose arjuna, son of Mother Kunthi as “his” arjuna…depend upon story, “that” Krishna right choise, arjuna victory yet so humble…then, it is posible “the one that consider his role as krishna in this age, wrong choose his arjuna???” how then to correct it…it is not only disciple go run for his guru, but guru also if “seeing” the right person to set as example of Dharmika, to brave pick such disciple as role model for others

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