Dharma Servants vs Pseudo Saviors

Those who talk about Hindu-“ism and connect its future with external conditions are actually degrading the Hindu Dharma. They have not understood the meaning, the power, and the strength of Dharma. They have no inkling whatsoever of what Dharma Force is.

First and foremost, we must always remember that Sanatana Hindu Dharma is not an “ism”. Indeed, Dharma is beyond all “isms”. A belief system, dogmatic and doctrinated – that is an “ism“. A belief system entirely depends upon external factors and variables, not dharma.

Dharma thrives upon the Internal Strength of the Dharmika – those who practise dharma, those who live dharma.

And, those who live dharma are not busy talking about dharma. They are not swearing by dharma. They simply practise dharma, and practise it wholeheartedly without any reservation.

They do not pose themselves as the saviors and sole protectors of dharma; and, yet they protect dharma with all their might, even if the entire universe, nay, multiverses oppose them.

Unlike the Adharmika – both the People and Institutions, be they social, political, or whatever – Dharma does not depend upon mob and mob consciousness. Supported by others or not, the Dharmika march on…

Nowadays, it has become fashionable to glorify those who willingly, bravely, and courageously sacrificed their lives for the cause of dharma; those who accepted all kinds of tortures, but did not waver an inch from their chosen path; those who smilingly had their heads severed, but did not compromise with the forces of adharma

However, we are not willing to make similar sacrifices. We want others to do the sacrifice on our behalf. We are happy with our role as bystanders and cheerleaders.

Such cowardice and unwillingness, not only to stand firm against adharma, but also to fight the adharmika evil forces – has brought us to this present situation. This is the sole cause of our degradation and misery – of our pitiable state.

Instead of fighting for the cause of dharma, we either waste our time glorifying the past heroes, or overtly praising the pseudo heroes of our time, who are exploiting and manipulating our minds to believe that they are the sole saviors and protectors of dharma.

The true heroes do not lay their lives for the sake of meaningless glorification. They sacrifice their lives for the sake of dharma and to awaken us from our slumber.

Dharma does not die with the death of a person, no matter now noble and dharmika is the person. Neither does dharma depend upon man made institutions, political parties, and organizations.

Until and unless this truth is understood, we shall always be exploited and manipulated by a handful of persons serving their individual ego, but claiming to serve dharma.

The Genuine Dharmika Leaders truly serving the cause of dharma never place themselves above dharma. They remain as lifelong servants of dharma. They do not entertain such thoughts as “my loss is the loss of dharma”.

Neither explicitly, nor implicitly will they ever threaten and misguide their innocent followers into believing that they alone are capable of saving Dharma.

Dharma has no concept of saviors. Dharma is above all such concepts. Those who serve dharma are convinced that it is their privilege to do so. They are not saviors, they are servants.

Beware of the egoistic who pose as servants; but, actually trying to enslave your minds. Free yourself from the clutches of such adharmika, and start serving the cause of dharma sincerely and wholeheartedly. You don’t have to acquire some status or position to serve the cause. Your sincere willingness to serve suffices.

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